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Do YOU Belong Here?  If you want to be or already are a Pioneer, then YES!  Following the legacy of the Sisters of Providence is not only a privilege, it is a responsibility.  The Sisters of Providence were literal Pioneers, dressed in furs guiding dog sleds down the snowy passes of Canada and along the west coast of the Unites States to found hospitals and schools all along the western seaboard. They were women on a mission to serve the poor and vulnerable, using their gifts and talents in service of their fellow man.  We embrace that legacy and challenge our students to do the same. 
Focus Programs
One of the school’s unique features is its focus programs. These 4-year elective programs are designed to meet the needs of students who have a genuine passion for or interest in the Medical field, Cinema Arts, or Technology.  Please explore the links to each program to learn more.  Passion Belongs at PHS!
Providence High Arts
Educational research shows that the arts not only significantly enhance academic acceleration, but also help to create more active citizens and compassionate human beings. Providence High Arts houses PHS’s award-winning visual and performing arts: the Cinema Arts Focus Program, choir, drama and visual arts departments. Visit for more information. The Arts Belong at PHS!
College-Preparatory Curriculum
What it means to be academically prepared for college and future careers has changed drastically even in the last decade.  College admissions have become so competitive that the best thing students can do is challenge themselves in those areas that most interest them and cultivate an authentic love of learning. To that end, we offer an array of Honors and AP level courses in addition to our fully UC-approved college preparatory curriculum.                 Academic Excellence Belongs at PHS!
Academic Counseling
At PHS we want our students to recognize their full potential, and to truly feel that yes, they belong here. Culture counts and learning is facilitated by an open, nurturing environment, which is exactly what we offer at Providence.  We have Academic Advisors for every grade-level and a set curriculum for college planning, in addition to a full-time Personal Counselor.                YOU BELONG HERE!