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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements Providence High School offers a challenging college-preparatory academic program. To graduate from Providence, a student must pass all required courses. Students must make up a failed course in an accredited, UC-approved summer school or evening school. A grade of “D” is not an acceptable grade for college entrance, and therefore, must be made up. Graduation requirements for each department are as follows:
Religious Studies      8 Semesters
English      8 Semesters
Social Studies      6 Semesters
Mathematics      6 Semesters, 8 Recommended
Science      6 Semesters, 8 Recommended (2 Lab Courses)
World Language*      4 Semesters, 6 Recommended
Physical Education      2 Semesters
Visual & Performing Arts**      2 Semesters
Electives      5 Semesters
Senior Project      Capstone Project for Senior Year
*All students must take four semesters of the same language
**All students must take two semesters of the same Fine Art

 Recognizing that service to others is an integral part of the Gospel message, Christian Service is also part of the school's graduation requirement.
Freshmen Year      10 Hours
Sophomore Year      20 Hours
Junior Year      30 Hours
Senior Year      40 Hours

The Valedictorian and Salutatorian of any graduating class must have attended the eight semesters at PHS to be awarded this honor. Students in the three Focus Programs will wear a cord of distinction at the time of graduation. Honors are based on the total weighted PHS GPA for all eight semesters of studies, with no appreciable drop in GPA during the eighth semester of studies.
Summa Cum Laude      3.75 and above
Magna Cum Laude      3.50 to 3.74
Cum Laude      3.25 to 3.49