Providence High School

Academic Counseling

Our goal is to enable students to discover what inspires them and to develop their skills and talents. Providence High School's minimum graduation requirements EXCEED the admissions requirements for the University of California, Cal States, and most private colleges and universities. 
Academic Advisement:
Academic Advisors are assigned to each grade level. Our ratio of approximately 1 Advisor to every 100 students is a huge strength of our school and one reason why students are able to receive such personalized attention here at Providence. Advisors meet with each student at least once in the fall and once in the spring semester. Advisors provide advisement for course registration, academic guidance, and strategies which empower our students to achieve their best.
College Counseling:
Starting freshmen year, students will develop a Game Plan that will continue to develop throughout high school. They will utilize the Naviance college planning software program to develop this plan as well as to search for college and career opportunities.
Personal Counseling:
Our goal for personal counseling is seen as short-term intervention. The focus is to help students overcome any emotional or developmental roadblocks that may get in the way of their success & happiness.