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Student Christian Service Hour Policy
"Jesus came to Nazareth where he had been reared and entering the synagogue on the Sabbath as he was in the habit of doing, he stood up to do the reading. When the book of the prophet Isaiah was handed him, he unrolled the scroll and found the passage where it was written: 'The Spirit of the Lord is upon me; therefore he has anointed me. He has sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives, recovery of sight to the blind and release to prisoners, to announce a year of favor from the Lord.'"
Luke 4: 16-22

Recognizing that service to others is an integral part of Christian discipleship, all Providence High School students are required to give of their time and talent to service projects during each of their four years. Seniors: 40 hours minimum, Juniors: 30 hours minimum, Sophomores: 20 hours minimum and Freshmen: 10 hours minimum. It is expected that all students engage in service, off of our PHS site, with agencies that provide opportunities for our students to encounter and assist persons who have various needs. With the approval of their parents/guardians, students will offer their time and talents to agencies that provide services to "those in need" throughout the greater community. This is to be a ministry of "person to person." The students are asked to serve others in agencies or organizations such as hospitals, convalescent hospitals, retirement homes, elementary schools, parish churches or charity agencies.
A parent/guardians' (non-profit) workplace may qualify as an approved agency; however, the parents/guardians may not be the signing agency supervisor. Hours for office work, filing, office errands, retailers and non-approved agencies or non-approved projects will not be accepted.
The student must have on file in Campus Ministry a signed contract for the primary agency in which they minister. 
The Director of Campus Ministry, working with members in the Religious Studies Department, will provide suggestions and listings of approved off site agencies and Student Christian Service opportunities.
Discussions and theological reflections of the student's service experiences will be scheduled in Religious Studies classes. The Director of Campus Ministry may visit the students at the agency where service is being offered.
Failure to complete required Student Christian Service Hours and submission of signed Contract/Liability forms can result in the student not being invited back to Providence High School for the following school year. Graduation is contingent upon the completion of required Christian Service Hours.
 Christian Service Policy
 Christian Service Contract and Liability Release
Parents/Guardians will be advised of the status of their student's completion of the required hours in the progress reports and report cards sent during the school year. If there is a service hours deficiency, parents/guardians will be required to meet with the Director of Campus Ministry.
It is hoped that parents/guardians will keep aware of and encourage their student's service.
"Do little things with great love."
-Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta