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The Rafael Vega Endowed Scholarship Fund


Support the Rafael Vega Endowed Scholarship Fund 


"Mr. Vega is definitely one of the most impactful teachers I had. He taught us many important things but I remember best how he treated us. He didn’t treat us  like children, but like the young adults we were becoming. After recently reconnecting with him, I see that nothing has changed. To thank him for all that he has done in my and my sisters’ lives and to support future Providence students, I have given to the Rafael Vega Endowed Scholarship Fund. I hope you will too. ”
                                                       -Christy Rodriguez Futernick ’88, Board of Regents


Help us meet our $68,000 goal by June 3, 2017

$68,000 for 1968 & June 3 for his retirement day


When Mr. Vega looks back on his life of teaching since 1968, it is you he remembers. Teaching you and your children has allowed him to fulfill God's calling on his life. Please help us to honor his legacy by giving today.  



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