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Since 1955 we have been realizing the radically-inclusive vision of the sisters of providence by crafting a transformative education tailored to the needs of today’s students.

Image of Students During the Welcome Luau
Image of Students During the Welcome Luau
Image of Students During the Welcome Luau

From Our Head of School

Welcome to Providence High School! Through an intellectually challenging course of study and a wide-ranging and exciting co-curricular program, you can graduate and confidently head to college, prepared for advanced studies, work, and life.  

At Providence, you will experience a bold academic vision that is both joyful and intellectually challenging. Our leadership, faculty, and staff actively support the social-emotional wellbeing of our students as each of you take advantage of our full range of AP and honors courses and enriching electives. 

At Providence, we know that tradition (our mission, vision, and values, and the rituals and practices that support them) is a core part of who we are and ensures the Providence Spirit that energizes the school is preserved, and we avoid conflating tradition with past practice (a.k.a. “the way we’ve always done things”) so that tradition can be a vital source of freedom, creativity, and innovation

At Providence, you will join a strong and caring community rooted in the shared values given to us by the Sisters of Providence (compassion, dignity, justice, excellence, and integrity), and you will be an active part of an environment that encourages you to discover, develop, and express your whole and utterly unique identity

At Providence, you can ground yourself and uplift others by going beyond service to impact. 

At Providence, you can express your faith through virtue, worship, and an active commitment to justice, and we know that a mature faith seeks understanding so you are also encouraged to cultivate a lively curiosity

At Providence, you will find your purpose through friendships, values, commitments, and communities you can rely upon when life inevitably gets tough, and we believe that those same things should also serve as a source of personal freedom and autonomy that gives you the confidence to reach your potential by taking risks, thinking boldly, and responding to the needs of your communities. In short, we give you both roots and wings.  

Discover more about why our graduates are so confident and prepared by exploring our website, giving us a call, scheduling a visit, or attending a game or performance. We look forward to getting to know you and how you will enrich our community as a Pioneer. 

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If you imagine a future of impacting the world,
yet remain grounded in the here and now,
you belong at Providence High School.