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Our Commitment

As the faculty and staff of Providence High School, it is our ongoing commitment to respond to the signs of the times. We are called to respond to the needs of our students and community as they arise and to respond with compassion, dignity, justice, excellence, and integrity. We have instituted a committee to address these needs. Although it is not a requirement to participate in a task force, we invite any faculty or staff member interested in joining. The committee has specific responsibilities and a call to action. Although we do not know all the answers, these larger issues need to be addressed through a collaborative approach in conjunction with our students and in a fitting way for Providence High School. 

Image of Mrs. Kuklish

Equity & Social Justice Committee

We invite community members to focus intentionally on topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through a lesson of Catholic Social Teaching to build a more inclusive environment at Providence High School. 

  Faculty & Staff Members  
Marisa Bradfield  Apryl Hampton Mayra Peleaz
Dennis Bullock ♦ Maribel Kuklish ♦ Teresa Piumetti
Ryan Cadiz Julianne Kusmierczyk ♦ Christen Schaefer
Karissa Caperina Anthony Martinez Scott Turner
Shanica Dale ♦ Scott McLarty Sheridan Vititoe
Joshua Freeman ♦ Allyssa Moscotte ♦  
Giavonna Futia Fatima Nicdao  

♦ Denotes Task Force Leadership

If you imagine a future of impacting the world,
yet remain grounded in the here and now,
you belong at Providence High School.