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From the Deans

Here at Providence, we fully embrace our designation of Pioneers as part of our Legacy from the Sisters of Providence.

Cinema Art Students learning about stunt performers.
Spanish Students practicing directions in a class activity.

Those courageous women ventured across thousands of miles, persevering through countless obstacles and hardships, compelled to respond to the signs of the times in service to those who are poor and vulnerable. We hope to instill a similar sense of purpose, courage, and resilience in our Pioneer students.  

We feel the same urgency in responding to the signs of the times to continually enhance our academics and co-curricular offerings to reflect the world our students inhabit. As Deans, we take a holistic view of student experience at Providence and work closely together to provide exceptional programs, resources, and opportunities to our students. 

Students play a critical role in every arena of school life. We have students participate in demo lessons during the hiring process. We enlist the voice of student leaders to update our uniform policy.  We survey students bi-annually on what courses they are most interested in learning and develop UC-approved courses based on their feedback.  We empower our Pioneers to educate and uplift our community through our Student-Led Organizations and Clubs. These are just a few examples of how we embolden students to be co-creators of their learning experience, so they take ownership of their high school journey in a positive, proactive way.    

Pioneers chart their own path; we are here to encourage and support their exploration and growth. 

Joe Bennett

Joe Bennett

Dean of Student Life
Shanica Dale

Shanica Dale

Dean of Equity & Wellbeing
Annie Matthews

Annie Matthews


Course Offerings

Image of Students in the Quad

Explore the available classes at Providence High School through our course catalog.


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Discover more about the programs we offer that explore the areas of Cinema Arts, Medical, Technology, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts.

Summer Programs

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Experience Athletics, Summer Courses, and Grades 6-8 Camps on campus with our Summer Programs.

Academic Requirements for Graduation

Religious Studies 4 Years Required
Social Studies 3 Years Required
English 4 Years Required
Mathematics 3 Years Required
Science 3 Years Required
World Languages 2 Years Required
Visual & Performing Arts 1 Year Required
Physical Education & Wellness 4 Semesters Required
Electives 5 Semesters Required

Honors & AP Courses

Providence High School offers 17 Honors-level courses and 20 Advanced Placement courses, spanning every subject area. Our process ensures that each student receives guidance based on their individual ambitions and abilities to ensure they are academically prepared to handle the challenge of an advanced or college-level course.   

Please refer to our Course Offerings Catalogue for course descriptions & pre-requisites for Honors & AP classes. 


Our Academic Faculty

If you imagine a future of impacting the world,
yet remain grounded in the here and now,
you belong at Providence High School.