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Our Counseling Department offers unparalleled individualized guidance in academic, college, and personal matters. Counselors follow students from freshman through junior year. Then in 12th grade, seniors have the full attention of the Director of College Counseling to walk them through college applications, financial aid, making final decisions, academic consistency, celebrating their college choice, and then navigating the transition from high school to college. With Counselors on staff for short-term crisis intervention and support, our students receive guidance for both academic success and overall well-being. The Counseling Department is overseen by our Dean of Equity and Wellbeing in collaboration with the Counseling Department Chair. 

Academic Support

Academic Support

In addition to the personalized attention students receive from their Counselors, built into our unique, rotating block schedule is an “X-block” period that frequently serves as Office Hours for students. These designated blocks of “Office Hours” are set times during the regular school day when students may seek out specific teachers for additional tutoring or use the time to complete their work. Students may also seek out peer tutoring before or after school. All teachers are available for after-school tutoring as well, providing a variety of opportunities and mediums through which our students can access academic support to realize their highest potential.    

Our part-time Learning Specialist assists students with documented learning differences as they navigate the assessment process and access approved accommodations to support their academic success. Our Learning Specialist works closely with teachers and counselors to meet the needs of our diverse learners here at Providence. 

Image of a Student in Class
Image of Students in Class

College Counseling

College exploration should be about discovering one’s interests, pursuing opportunities for deeper exploration and learning in those areas, and meaningfully reflecting on how those experiences shape one’s perspective of the world and our place in it.    

In the same way that we want our Pioneers to feel that they Belong Here, we want our graduates to find colleges and universities that are the right fit, where they will feel they belong. That journey is a lifelong process, and the college exploration phase of that journey begins at Providence in Freshman year. 

Many college admissions processes, like those of Harvard and other ivy leagues, are now promoting these same values and priorities that we in Catholic education have always championed. We have partnered with Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education through their Making Caring Common network. In line with the network's initiative and philosophy, Providence High School's 4-year College Exploration Curriculum centralizes the tenets of Making Caring Common's recommendations.

“Promote more meaningful contributions to others, community service, and engagement with the public good. Assess students’ ethical engagement and contributions to others in ways that reflect varying types of family and community contributions across race, culture, and class. Redefine achievement in ways that both level the playing field…and reduce[s] excessive achievement pressure.”

Making Caring Common Network Recommendations

College Matriculation
Members of Providence High Schools graduating Class of 2022 were accepted into the following colleges and universities. Congratulations, Pioneers!

Our Four Year-Plan

Our Counselors

Shanica Dale

Dean of Equity & Wellbeing

Clara Bird

Director of College Counseling, 12th Grade Academic Counselor

Giavonna Futia


Caren Gitlin

Learning Specialist

Claire Irvine

Academic Counselor

Rita Saade


If you imagine a future of impacting the world,
yet remain grounded in the here and now,
you belong at Providence High School.