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Providence High School's Technology Focus Program is designed as a broad-based introduction to various kinds of technology, providing a launching pad for further college study and industry application. Guided by our Catholic values, we believe we have a duty as responsible global citizens and that our skills and talents should be used in the service of our fellow man. Tech Pioneers are expected to apply that philosophy to their studies in the Technology Focus Program, viewing technology as a tool to better society.  

The Technology Focus Program offers a wide variety of experiential learning in four main pathways of technology. This four-year program exposes students to various programming languages, design-thinking frameworks, project management skills, and robotics, and culminates in devising marketing for their original products. At the completion of the program, students will have acquired a solid foundation in modern technology in anticipation of further study at the university level and/or in future career paths. 

Image of a Tech Focus Student
Image of Tech Focus Student
Image of Student in Tech Focus

The Curriculum

9th Grade
Required Courses

Game Programming I: Game Design in UNITY 
Game Programming II: Game Design; JavaScript

10th Grade
Required Courses

Robotics I: 3D Printing & Laser Cutter 
Robotics II: VEX V5 Robotics 

11th Grade
Required Courses

AP Computer Science Principles 
AP Computer Science A 

12th Grade

Required Courses
Technology Integration: Mobile Apps
Marketing Foundations: Data Science & Digital Marketing Certificate 

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence 
Foundations of Cybersecurity 

The Faculty

Dr. Fatima Nicdao Ed.D

Technology Focus Program Director, Director of Summer Programs

Nathaniel Albers

Technology Focus Program Assistant, Technology Focus Faculty