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Our goal when we started the Medical program over 25 years ago was to establish a culture of academic excellence with a focus on healthcare blended with social awareness, college and career readiness, and the confidence and ability to serve the healthcare needs of the community with compassion, justice, integrity, dignity, and excellence.
As the only high school in the United States governed by a health care system, Providence High School offers its Medical program students unparalleled exposure and access to working professionals in the various fields of Health Care. We partner with Providence St. Joseph Medical Center to take learning out of the classroom and into the offices and wards of the hospital to give students relevant, real-world experiences that enable them to see what it really takes to provide compassionate service to the poor and vulnerable. 

Image of Student in the Med Focus Program
Image of Dr. Harjani and Students in Med Focus
Image of Med Focus Students in Lab

The Experience

“Applying to the health career program was
the best decision I made in high school.”
- Dr. Laura Lewis '06, USC School of Medicine, Pediatrician at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles 

Current pediatrician at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Dr. Laura Lewis '06, shares her experience as a student while in the Medical Focus Program: "Applying to the health career focus program was the best decision I made in high school. Not only did I join a family within the Providence family of like-minded, pre-medical and pre-health individuals, but I gained the science background, the testing skills, and the critical thinking skills that are now helping me to succeed in my Masters of Science in Global Medicine program now. I know these same skills will continue to help me as I matriculate into medical school. Volunteering in the hospital at such a young age, a critical part of the health careers focus program, has been invaluable—physicians I work with never fail to be impressed, and this experience has helped me to gain positions in competitive medically related organizations. I would recommend this program to anyone considering a profession in medicine. It was a maturing and eye-opening experience—and one I remember very fondly." 

The Curriculum

9th Grade
Required Courses
Introduction to Health Care: Health, Disease, & Health Care
Biology Honors HC1 

Key Experience
Visits to Providence St. Joseph Medical Center Units of Care “Mini Rounds” 

10th Grade
Required Course
Chemistry Honors HC2

Key Experience
Visits to Providence St. Joseph Medical Center Units of Care “Mini Rounds” 

11th Grade
Required Course
3rd Year of Science Required. Students may choose from the following electives: Anatomy & Physiology, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Kinesiology/Sports Medicine, Neuroscience, Nutrition Science, Honors Physics, AP Physics

Key Experience
Hospital Internship: 100 Hours

12th Grade
Required Course
Genetics & Biomedical Ethics in Health Care  

Key Experience​​​​​​​
Hospital Internship: 100 Hours

The Faculty

Rekha Dhillon

Assistant Director of Medical Program
Lead Instructor

Sona Ashjian

Medical Program Coordinator