Providence High School

A Message From Our Principal



December 19, 2016



Dear Pioneer Parents and Guardians,


As you probably know, Mr. Castro and I are expecting our second child. Our baby girl is due to arrive at the end of January and we are very excited to meet her. Our 3 1/2-year-old son, Jordan, is equally ready to welcome his baby sister.


I will be starting my maternity leave in mid-January and I plan to be home with family through the month of March. In the brief interim, we have assigned Ms. Annie Matthews, current PHS teacher and Technology Integration Specialist, to fill the role of Principal and handle my administrative responsibilities. Ms. Matthews is a well-respected faculty member and alumna of Providence High School. She is dedicated to supporting our students and she will ensure that all continues to run smoothly. She will continue to teach two of her current 9th grade English classes and she will work closely with our administrative team during my leave.


I appreciate all of the well wishes for my family. You may still see me at some afterschool events. After all, the Addams Family Musical and winter sports will be in full swing and I will miss the students while I am away.


Blessings on you and your family during this holiday season. 


Yours in Providence,


Allison Castro


Providence High School