Providence High School


Campus Ministry
The purpose of Campus Ministry is to minister to the students' spiritual development and give direction and guidance to all religious programs and activities. Full participation in school liturgies by the entire community is a major strength. 
Campus Ministry Core Team
The Campus Ministry Core(student leadership) Team meets weekly to plan liturgies, organize school-wide charity projects and help lead the Days of Recollection. Through these activities, students become ministers to their peers.
Days of Recollection
Each of the four grade levels at PHS spends an entire day of recollection off campus, allowing students to experience their class as a faith community. Through prayer, activities and small group sharing exercises, students enhance their relationship with others and God.
Kairos Retreats
The Kairos Retreat is a three-day, overnight experience open to seniors who apply to participate. It is a highly structured program which includes talks by both faculty and student team members, small group sharing sessions, community prayers, celebration of the Eucharist and related activities. Kairos Retreats provide soon-to-be-graduating young adults the opportunity for in-depth and honest self examination, reflection over the deeper meaning of their relationship with family and friends and a strengthening of their faith in God. "Kairotics" overwhelmingly affirm the retreat to have been a profound faith experience and a source of personal.