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Cinema Arts Focus Program

Our Cinema Arts Focus Program is designed to enrich the overall college preparatory education that every Providence student receives. It is the presumption of the Department Director that the students involved in this program will assume leadership roles in the media industry at some future point in their lives. With this in mind, Cinema Arts students are held to the highest standards of artistic excellence and creative integrity. Upon completion of the four-year program, our Cinema Arts Pioneers are uniquely qualified to compete for positions at the best film and media schools in the nation.
Not only do our Cinema Arts Pioneers work in a first-class studio with professional-grade equipment, they are afforded the opportunity to compete in various film competitions and to hear from guest speakers currently working at the top of their game in the industry.

The Curriculum
9th Grade:     
                       Introduction to Cinema Arts: Media I (One Semester)
                       Intro. to Cinema Arts II: History of Media (One Semester)
10th Grade:   
                       Moving Image (UC approved Fine Art, One Year)
11th Grade: 
                       Video Production I (One Semester)
                       Media Ethics: Framework, Application, & Films (One Semester)
12th Grade:   
                       Writing for Media, Honors (One Semester)
                       Video production II (One Semester)
Upper-Level Electives
                       Digital Broadcast Journalism (One Year)

The Experience


Apply for the Cinema Arts Focus Program within your application to Providence High School.
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