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Providence High School offers over 15 Honors-level courses and 17 AP courses, spanning every subject area. 
Students are placed into Honors /AP courses or may matriculate into these higher-level courses by meeting the pre-requisite grades in their current classes and obtaining designated teacher recommendations.  Our process ensures that students are treated as an individuals and that they are academically prepared to handle the rigor of an advanced or college-level course.  Our goal is to ensure each student is continually challenged & stimulated, while not being overwhelmed. 
Please refer to our Course Offering Catalogue for course descriptions & pre-requisites of our Honors & AP offerings. 
Advanced Placement Course Offerings
  • AP World History - 10th
  • AP Art History 10th/ 11th/12th
  • AP English Language and Composition - 11th/12th
  • AP English Literature and Composition - 12th
  • AP Calculus "A/B" - 11th/12th
  • AP Calculus "B/C" - 11th/ 12th
  • AP Chemistry - 11th/12th
  • AP Computer Science - 11th/ 12th
  • AP Spanish Language & Culture 11th /12th
  • AP Environmental Science 11th/ 12th
  • AP Psychology - 11th / 12th
  • AP Physics 1 - 11th/12th
  • AP Biology - 11th / 12th
  • AP United States History and Geography - 11th
  • AP MacroEconomics - 12th
  • AP United States Government & Politics - 12th
  • AP Studio Art - 11th/ 12th