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"The balm of holiness generated by the good lives of so many young people can heal the wounds of the Church and of the world, bringing us back to that fullness of love to which we have always been called." 

Christus Vivit #50  

The Mission of Providence High School invites each of us to be expressions of God’s healing love to one another, as well as to both the local and global community. Campus Ministry participates in that invitation by providing direction and guidance to all religious programs and activities of the Providence community. In close partnership with the Religious Studies curriculum and department, Campus Ministry encourages your child's growth in relationships with God and others through liturgies, retreats, service, faith and leadership formation. 

By drawing on the legacy of the Sisters of Providence, guided by the life and ministry of Jesus, we are steadfast in serving all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. Campus Ministry involves the entire community: faculty, staff, students, and families. All members of the Providence community, regardless of faith tradition, are invited to participate in the spiritual life of the school. This inclusivity of mission invites the whole community to participate authentically in the Catholic life of the school, and to encounter with sincere reverence the faiths and spiritualities of all Pioneers.

Image of Students in Mass
Lorenzo Dacanay

Lorenzo Dacanay

Director of Campus Ministry
Janet Fontaine

Janet Fontaine

Community Impact Coordinator


Prayer & Spirituality

Our school day begins with prayer, in which all are invited to pause, beginning the day with gratitude, to express the desire for the good of one another, and to call on Providence for all we need to meet the opportunities and challenges in front of us.  

Providence of God, we believe in you; 
Providence of God, we hope in you; 
Providence of God, we love you with all our hearts; 
Providence of God, we thank you for all. 

The Chapel is open every school day, and provides a Sacred Space where students, faculty, and staff can enjoy calm, peace, and prayer. 

Our school community gathers monthly to join in prayer. We gather for a prayer service or the celebration of Mass. Our student involvement in mass preparation and planning seeks to make our liturgies truly the “work of the people” so that prayer reflects our lives and becomes the source of our work of love and justice.  

Image of a Campus Ministry Leader During Communion


Justice and Peace

Campus Ministry’s “Pioneer Solidarity in Action” (P.S.A.) is the umbrella for our ministries that extend the active care of neighbor and work on behalf of justice and solidarity. This includes seeking ways to amplify and support student clubs and organizations focused on justice, as well as our developing partnership with Catholic Relief Service. P.S.A. also bridges the work of Campus Ministry and Christian Service in efforts to join with others in meeting their present needs with compassion and dignity.  


Recognizing that service to others is an integral part of Christian discipleship, all Providence High School students are required to give of their time and talent to service projects during each of their four years.  

Your child may serve their communities in a multitude of settings, including but not limited to hospitals, convalescent hospitals, retirement homes, elementary schools, parish churches, other places of worship, charity agencies, etc. Students are encouraged to contract with an agency which provides opportunities to encounter and assist persons with various needs. This "person to person" ministry provides your child the opportunity to connect with their members of their local community while being living expressions of God’s healing love.

Image of Students on We Care Wednesday
Image of Students at Shane's Walk
Image of Students and Adopt the Family

Christian Service Requirements

Recognizing that service to others is an integral part of Christian discipleship, all Providence High School students are required to give of their time and talent to service projects during each of their four years.  This service is focused on community impact. Our program is not just volunteering hours, but a focused approach to serve the poor and the vulnerable around us.  We focus on the “why” of service and the joy it brings to make a difference to those in need. 

Hour Requirements Per Grade

9th Grade 10 Hours Minimum
10th Grade 20 Hours Minimum
11th Grade 30 Hours Minimum
12th Grade 40 Hours Minimum



Class Retreats

Through prayer, activities, and small group sharing exercises, each grade level spends one school day each year on a Class Retreat to enhance their spiritual relationships with others and God. Class Retreats are a day of recollection that provide students the opportunity to experience their class as a faith community. 


The Kairos Retreat is a four-day, three-night, overnight experience open to seniors who apply to participate. It is a highly structured program which includes talks by both faculty and student team members, small group sharing sessions, community prayers, celebration of the Eucharist and related activities.

Kairos Retreats provide soon-to-be-graduating young adults the opportunity for in-depth and honest reflection on their lives, experiences, as well as their relationships with family and friends and God. Alumni overwhelmingly affirm the retreat to have been a profound faith experience and a key touchstone of their time at Providence.


Student Leadership

The Campus Ministry Core Team is comprised of student leaders from 10th to 12th grade who lead the student ministries integral to Campus Ministry events and activities. Student leaders play an essential role by providing student voice in planning, evaluating, and developing the programs and initiatives of Campus Ministry. As a team, Campus Ministry Core students facilitate discussions, give talks, and mentor their peers in the ministries that they lead. The Core Team invites all students to minister to their peers as altar servers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, musicians, and cantors at our school masses and prayer services. Senior students who have experienced the Kairos retreat may become Kairos leaders, helping their peers appreciate this spiritual journey. 

Image of Campus Ministry Leaders During Mass
Image of Campus Ministry Leaders During Communion

If you imagine a future of impacting the world,
yet remain grounded in the here and now,
you belong at Providence High School.