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Purpose & Potential


Through the practice of our Mission, centered around service and love, we equip our students to evolve through their learning, strengthen their community, and discover the direction of the future.

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Seek Intellect

Learn how Pioneers co-create their learning experience, blazing intellectual trails that mirror the literal trails blazed by the Sisters of Providence. Drawing from their input, plus leading-edge pedagogical research, our educators ensure that Providence classrooms cultivate exploration, growth, and mastery.

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See how our robust twin programs of Performing Arts and Visual Arts open so many young minds to the power of creative expression, helping Pioneers build a foundation of confidence and boldness from which their work can impact the world.

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Seek Pride

You will come to understand what a critical role athletics play at Providence, from the personal level radiating out to the entire school community and the pride we all feel. Whether via individual or team pursuits, athletes gain so much more than the physical skills they will develop.

If you imagine a future of impacting the world,
yet remain grounded in the here and now,
you belong at Providence High School.