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Clubs & Organizations

Providence High School offers several opportunities where students can explore their interests in our clubs and various organizations. All students are encouraged to participate in these organizations that take place outside of the academic classroom. Some of our clubs are service-oriented while others foster either an academic or intrinsic interest in our student body.

Associated Student Body

The Associated Student Body (ASB) plays an integral part in the students’ high school experience. Providing an opportunity to develop the student’s social abilities through school-centered activities, ASB advances school spirit and identity, not only in extracurricular events but also within the Burbank Community. Providence High School prides itself on the ability to create a safe environment in which students dare to step outside their comfort zones and grow as people whilst making everlasting memories; ASB greatly contributes to ensuring this. 

Image of ASB Members at a Pep Rally


Image of Campus Ministry Core Team

Campus Ministry Core Team

The Campus Ministry Core Team is a small team of student leaders from all grade levels that create, plan, and execute Campus Ministry events and activities. Student leaders play an essential role by providing student voices in planning, evaluating, and developing the programs and initiatives of Campus Ministry.

Learn more about on our Faith at Providence page under Campus Ministry.

Honor Societies

Providence High School is a home to various honor societies that celebrate and foster academic scholarship and accomplishments. Eligibility to join dependent on various qualifications.

Student led organizations

Student Led Organizations (SLOs) are groups within Providence High School that advocate for, protect, and/or represent members of our student community or larger global community. Open to all students to join regardless of background or identity.

Image of Students at Club Sign Up Day
Image of Students at a Pep Rally
Image of Students Playing a Board Game in the Quad

Clubs & Orgs List

Academic Decathlon
The Academic Decathlon is a team competition that challenges the mind in annually assigned themes such as World War II, The History of Medicine, Water and more. Students compete in teams and dedicate their time and talent to one theme under the following subjects: Art, Economics, Literature, Math, Music, Science, Social Science, Speech, and Interview.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Michelle Laforce

Students assist with Admissions Office with various events and activities throughout the school year. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Greg Castro 

Animation Club
Like to draw? This is for you 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Michelle Boucher 

Art Club
Like art? This is for you.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Joanie Fenstermaker 

Asian American and Pacific Islander Club (AAPI) ♦
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. James Jimenez
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Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) ♦
Provide opportunity for ALL students to celebrate Latin American culture, lifestyle, and history. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Maribel Kuklish
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Associated Student Body (ASB)
The Associated Student Body (ASB) plays an integral part in the students’ high school experience. ASB advances school spirit and identity, not only in extracurricular events but also within the Burbank Community. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: To Be Announced
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Biology Olympiad 
As the premiere biology competition for high school students in the United States, the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) enriches the life science education of nearly 10,000 talented students annually. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Dr. Arjan Harjani 

Blackout Brigade
Provides students an opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills for technical theatre, including scenery, props, lighting, sounds, costumes, make-up, special effects, and stage management.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Annie Terry

Book Club
Read and discuss books on a monthly basis.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Samuel DeMello

Brain Bee 
The Los Angeles-Irvine Brain Bee is a local competition where high school students from the LA area can come and showcase their neuroscience knowledge. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Dr. Arjan Harjani 

Black Student Union (BSU) ♦
Provide opportunity for all students to celebrate Black culture, lifestyle, and history. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Mayra Pelaez & Ms. Allyssa Moscotte
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California Scholarship Federation (CSF)
The California Scholarship Federation is an honor society whose members have achieved excellence in both academics and in citizenship. Its motto, "Scholarship for Service," indicates the awareness and concern members have for their communities.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Maribel Kuklish 

Campus Ministry Core Team
Campus Ministry lead various ministries on campus that support the spiritual life of the school, open to all students. The team promotes vibrant Catholic school community and encourage the ecumenical and interfaith cooperation. Learn more on our Faith at Providence page.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Jason Coito 

Career Club
The Career Club is a club for students to explore and get information on different careers, college majors, and internships that interest them. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Sam DeMello

CERT comprises a group of students from 11th and 12th Grade students in Medical Focus, committed and willing train and prepare for assistance in any all emergency-related procedures on campus, including drills and other situations.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Dr. Arjan Harjani 

Crochet Club
Crochet Club is an open and safe space for all students to develop new tactile skills, improving their mental health, promoting positive self-expression and creativity, and promoting proactive management of stress. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Tara Ann Carter

Code Warriors
Code Warriors promote the development of knowledge of coding, while enriching student understanding of different coding languages and fostering a love for coding. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Dr. Fatima Nicdao

Cultural Cooking Club
Bring awareness to healthy, nutritious food, and learn new cooking skills and diversity of different cultures around the world.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Sona Ashjian

Cultural Fashion Collective
To foster an appreciation and share thoughts about fashion and current fashion trends.
Faculty/Staff ModeratorTo Be Announced

Current Events Club
Help students at Providence be more aware of what's going on in the world through information sharing and providing a space for students to have their voices heard.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Dennis Bullock

Cyber Patriots 
CyberPatriots allows all students to compete in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition, which puts students in the shoes of an IT professional tasked with troubleshooting vulnerabilities in cybersecurity.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Dr. Fatima Nicdao

Dungeons & Dragons
The 5th Edition of the first TTRPG (tabletop roleplaying game), Dungeons & Dragons, brings together students of all grade levels to cultivate a camaraderie through storytelling and imaginative gameplay through creativity, critical thinking, logic (totally subjective!), and collaboration.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Karissa Caperina

Empowering Leadership in Latina Athletes
Provides mentorship and support to student-athletes in their academic and professional journeys.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Anthony Martinez

Endangered Species Club
To help endangered animals in need through education, community outreach, fundraisers, and donations
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Michelle Boucher

English Honor Society
Academic recognition, scholarship and award eligibility, and opportunities for networking with others who share an enthusiasm for the language arts.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Tara Ann Carter

Entrepreneurs Club
Discuss, gain an appreciation for, and complete projects related to the stock market and free enterprise.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. James Nguyen

Film Studies 
Reflect on and review various movies.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Daniel Gámez

Friends Against Drugs
An anti-drug organization for students who want to help themselves and their friends make the right choices, especially in avoiding the use of illegal drugs through positive support.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Dennis Bullock 

A club that promotes fun and connection as student play games with other students across all grade levels. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Dr. Fatima Nicdao

The Giving Project
The club fundraises for, and highlights causes and issues important to the community.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Janet Fontaine

Helping Hands
Helping hands is an organization created to bring breast care awareness to Providence High school.  Students are able to raise money for research through enjoyable events such as Dig Pink, Rose Run and other events.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Mayra Pelaez
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The Hot Wheels Club
Members bond over their shared love of these iconic die cast cars through fellowship, sharing, and track testing their collections.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Dr. James Astorga

Impact TV
Create movies and video projects 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Christen Schaefer 

Kehillah ♦
This SLO is an organization for Jewish students at Providence and anyone else that is interested in increasing their understanding of Judaism. We will meet to learn about Jewish culture, the religion of Judaism, and the various ways, both current and historic, that Jewish people have been oppressed in society.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Sister Joeline Santiago, SSS

Latin Honor Society
The NJCL Latin Honor Society is a special designation given to Junior Classical League students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and citizenship in Latin class. The Latin Honor Society membership is earned annually based on student performance. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. James Astorga

The MakerClub provides an opportunity for all students to experience various forms of technology, such as 3D Printers, laser cutters, etc.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Dr. Fatima Nicdao

Mock Trial
The Providence High School Mock Trial Program is a coeducational, extracurricular after school activity (with significant co-curricular features) designed to allow students the opportunity to perform as variety of roles seen in legal system. Students learn aspects of constitutional law, basic civics, courtroom procedure & criminal law—while honing their public speaking and competitive skills. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Elizabeth Hoffman

Model U.N.
Model United Nations is a coeducational, extracurricular after school activity (with significant co-curricular features) designed to allow students to study, and participate in, the world of foreign relations through mock sessions of the United Nations General Assembly.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Dennis Bullock 

National Honor Society (NHS)
The purpose of the society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote leadership, to stimulate a desire to render civic service, and to encourage the development of character in all students. Membership is open to students in grades 10-12, and requires completion of an application and competion of various requirements.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Maribel Kuklish

PHS Band & Songwriters Club
PHS Band/Songwriters Club is a club for all aspiring young musicians. We meet to collaborate and perform music together. The band will also rehearse music for various campus events.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Tracy Stroh 

Prism ♦
Guided by our mission to serve all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable, and our values, Prism is a student-led organization that aims to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Prism provides a supportive environment for LGBTQ+ students, along with students who are questioning their identity, have LGBTQ+ friends/family, and/or are passionate about LGBTQ+ issues. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Mayra Pelaez & Mr. Ryan Cadiz
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Providence HYE ♦
Provide opportunity for all students to celebrate Armenian culture, lifestyle, and history. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Teresa Piumetti
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The Providence Tribune
A student-led, written, and produced school newspaper.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: To Be Announced

Red Whistle Club ♦
Educate students and provide resources on sexual assault/harassment 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Julianne Kusmierczyk
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Spanish Honor Society
The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) is an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish and Portuguese and is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Maribel Kuklish

Special Olympics
To support local Special Olympics chapters through volunteering and fellowship.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Mando Contreras

Sports Broadcast Journalism
The Sports Broadcast Journalism club exposes students to the world of sports journalism. Students have the opportunity to conduct and produce play-by-play broadcasts of select PHS athletic events, conduct interviews of student-athletes, and edit/produce athletic style shows.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Christen Schaefer

Students Run Los Angeles (SRLA)
Train for and run in the L.A. Marathon 
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Greg Castro

Tri-M Honor Society
Music honor society. Requirements for membership apply.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mrs. Marisa Bradfield 

Ensuring a better world for every child.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Dr. Arjan Harjani

Weightlifting Club
Learn about strength training, conditioning, and nutrition to take your lifting to the next level, no matter your skill level.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Mr. Josue Pacheco

Well Aware ♦
Well Aware is a student led organization with the goal of fostering long lasting Mental Health Awareness with the goal of strengthening our community, our support networks, our commitment to social justice and equity, and the wellness of our community.   
Faculty/Staff Moderator: Ms. Shanica Dale 
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Wild Wagon
Students supporting students in their co-curricular and extra-curricular endeavors.
Faculty/Staff Moderator: To Be Announced

Writers Alliance
Caters to students who love to write (includes journalism and creative writing)
Faculty/Staff Moderator: To Be Announced

Denotes Student-Led Organization (SLO)