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Pioneers in Training

Summer 2023 Registration

Pioneers in Training (PIT Crew) registration is open

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About PIoneers in Training (PIT Crew)

Through a carefully designed curriculum we refer to as PIT Crew, students will learn about the various tools and resources on campus they will need for success for their time at Providence High School. While this is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged for all incoming 9th graders to attend. Students will explore and learn about:

  • Providence Values, Mission, and Vision
  • Providence Prayer and Alma Mater
  • How to set up their PHS email accounts
  • How to use Schoology (Including how to submit assignments, share discussion posts, and engage in the course learning management system)
  • How to print on campus using the PaperCut Hive program
  • How to use Microsoft tools such as One Drive and Teams, 
  • Learn organization and time management
  • Meet their future classmates and engage in fun activities!
Fatima Nicdao

Fatima Nicdao

Technology Focus Program Director, Director of Summer Programs